Cambridge Seminar: Capitalism for the Kingdom



Are you worried that the state’s response to the credit crunch hasn’t yet led to real reform? Do you feel the church could be doing more to lead this conversation? Do you wish you knew enough to find your own voice in this debate?

Capitalism's Toxic Assumptions
Cambridge Ridley Hall Seminar Dr Eve Poole

A theologian who teaches in a business school, Eve Poole is on a mission to re-boot capitalism by taking it back to first principles.

Her book “Capitalism’s Toxic Assumptions” was published by Bloomsbury in March. Endorsed by the Chief Economist Andy Haldane and Res Publica’s Phillip Blond, it is the fruits of a doctorate in theology and capitalism supervised by Faith in Business’ Director, Richard Higginson.

The book starts from the premise that market capitalism depends on seven big ideas: competition, the ‘invisible hand’, utility, agency theory, pricing, shareholder value, and limited liability. These assumptions served capitalism well in the past, but over the years they have become toxic, and are slowly killing the system as a whole. Government efforts at reform seem to have stalled. But quiet action by consumers, investors, employees and employers can make the big changes we urgently need, by shifting behaviours and adjusting the way financial ‘votes’ are cast in the market. And the Christian community is perfectly placed to lead this revolution.

Eve will be joined by 3 learned interlocutors:

• Sir Roger Gifford, Country Head of Nordic bank SEB (past Lord Mayor of London)

• Dr Esther Reed, Associate Professor of Theological Ethics,University of Exeter, and Director, Network for Religion in Public Life

• Dr Michael Hodson, industrial economist and lecturer in social enterprise.

After summarizing her book, Eve will engage with each in turn to draw out particular themes, with plenty of time for discussion and questions.

Join us in Cambridge, make new friends and meet old ones, and go away stimulated and ready for action. We’ll send you on your way with a complimentary copy of the book.

COST: £65 per person : includes refreshments buffet lunch & a signed copy of the book.

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