WCM UK supports individuals and teams of workplace chaplains across the United Kingdom.

We organise conferences for chaplains to meet together, provide specific workplace chaplaincy training material and advice on policies and procedures. Our magazine WorkPlace People shares experience and good practice; our emails and website advertise vacancies and events from across the UK.

Workplace Chaplains see that the Economy is part of God’s purposes for the Common Good.  They build relationships with local employees by  visiting workplaces on a regular basis. Their purpose is to support workplaces to be places of good employment where people’s whole identity is enabled to flourish. Chaplains are authorised by Churches and Faith groups: they can specifically engage with staff from religious backgrounds, if asked to do so, but they do not proselytise for any one form of religion. They will often pray for those workplaces in their own lives of prayer. Chaplains can also help to build bridges between workplaces and the community.

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