Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

Chaplaincy can and does offer part of what we at GMIM believe is a real God given alternative to all this hustle bustle and pressure.
Whether it be to people working in food factories, buses, airports, supermarkets, police stations or town halls Christ’s message is being brought effectively to those who are in need and more importantly are not touched by the Church in other ways.

St Antony’s Centre for Church and Industry

The Centre was established in 1979  to put into practice the Church’s concern for men and women in the World of Work and to support them in partnership with Employers, Community Agencies, Parishes and Chaplaincy Groups.

The Centre offers a range of services including accredited training, access to GMIM Industrial Chaplaincy and community development initiatives working with Parishes and other communities to address local economic, social and citizenship issues.  The Centre also provides opportunities for men and women within the Salford Diocese and wider Christian Community to develop their understanding of Christian Social Thinking and the work of the Church in the wider community.