The session are delivered in a classroom environment, with the exception of the 5th session which takes the form of a field trip to an existing piece of chaplaincy.

The two main approaches to learning are:

  • For a leader to ‘present’ the material using a projector and screen. A PowerPoint presentation is available for each classroom session for this. A flip chart is also a useful tool.
  • For the group to work together on exercises, including viewing video and group and buzz group discussion

Each session is planned to be completed within 1¾ hours (except for session 5). This does not include refreshments or gathering time. The course works best if delivered one session a week, on consecutive weeks. In this case it might be held on a weekday evening from 7.00 – 9.00 p.m., or on a Saturday morning.   The course could be delivered over a weekend, with the 5th session arranged for a suitable weekday following.

For a detailed, session by session, synopsis click here.