My introduction to chaplaincy


It’s interesting looking back when I first encountered a chaplain. I was an intern at an investment bank in London and googled chaplaincy Canary Wharf and up popped a website with Fiona Stewart-Darling’s email address. I emailed her asking if we could meet up for a coffee. She accepted and I still remember in that meeting she was really encouraging and explained a little bit of the support she offered those in the Wharf.

Since then I have met many other chaplains whether that be in an airport or a hospice, a hospital and those who work with the emergency services. All in it for the same purpose which my friend Dave Food sums up very well:

“Chaplains are there to support and serve the community of people they are tasked to care for.  Whether people of Christian faith, another faith or no faith at all chaplains linger with purpose and loiter with intent to share a story, show a  listening ear, support an individual with care and love and bring a fresh perspective to life’s challenges. Often with an opportunity to pray or share a story or sometimes share some wisdom.”

I really admire these men and women of faith who serve in these places and know what a valuable contribution they make to so many people in different places throughout the UK and the World.