Vacancy: Workcare (Coventry/Warwickshire) Development Officer

Workcare Coventry & Warwickshire (‘Workcare’) is an ecumenical Christian organisation providing workplace chaplaincy and support to those in and seeking work.

Following a recent review by the Board of Trustees and the retirement of long-serving staff members, the Board is seeking a lay or ordained person to develop the organisation to meet these objectives.

The appointment is full time for an initial period of 18 months with subsequent review to establish ongoing requirements. Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications within the range £20,000 – £30,000 plus reimbursement of normal office and travelling expenses.

For more information about the role and an application form, please go to

Vacancy: Lead Chaplain Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent

Lead Chaplain, Bluewater Kent

Closing Date: 13 January 2017

Full Time Post for Ordained or Lay Christian

Bluewater is one of the largest retail complexes in the UK, with a footfall of 28m people over 20 hectares space.

The Chaplaincy Service provides support to the retail and facilities staff in the context of their daily life and work, through a team of volunteer chaplains and a Lead Chaplain.

More information available here, or by contacting Kent Workplace Mission:


What’s happening on the High Street?

Workplace People Autumn edition includes stories from Retail Chaplaincy in Bristol, Worcester, Tyneside and with BHS. Jack Quinn also asks about connections between chaplaincy skills and church mission in the developing world. Ray Borrett concludes his reflections on Chaplaincy and Evangelism. The incoming and outgoing Moderators reflect. See WorkPlace People Catalogue page in Members Area.

August Activity at WCM

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BBC Radio Ulster investigating Workplace Chaplaincy

BBC Radio Ulster ‘Sunday Sequence’ programme has been investigating Workplace Chaplaincy and recommending it to the churches of Ulster…

Listen to the interview with Mary Vickers (of Lincolnshire Chaplaincy Services) here


Call for Retailing stories, pictures for WorkPlace People issue

The Focus for the next issue of WorkPlace People is


Please send your stories, articles, letters and especially PICTURES* to the editor by mid-August Thank you!  Tel: 01454 63206

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Jean Flood, Mission in Economy, Honoured by Queen

Rev Jean Flood, co-ordinator for Mission in the Economy (Liverpool) has been honoured in the Queen’s Honours 2016 for ‘services to community cohesion.’ Jean will be receiving the BEM – the British Empire Medal.  Many people who have been involved with Mission in the Economy and Jean’s work have attested to her dedication and passion for building better and more welcoming communities.

Jean Flood BEM

John Atherton’s Contribution to Industrial Mission

Malcolm Brown writes:

John Atherton, who died on 24th June from heart failure, was a leading figure in Anglican social theology and particularly in the study of Christian ethics in relation to economics. He also made a major contribution to the Industrial Mission movement in its most creative phases, and was profoundly committed to the life of the diocese of Manchester, its cathedral and its work in social responsibility, community work and engagement with the city…

Read full obituary here

Malcolm Brown is Director of Mission and Public Affairs for the Church of England, responsible for the church’s engagement with political and ethical issues in Britain and internationally.

Death of Professor John Atherton

Professor John Atherton has died after a recent illness. John worked for many years of his life on the engagement between Christian faith and the Economy and wrote a number of useful theological texts.  He was an Industrial Workplace Chaplain while being Rector of St Georges in Manchester and then went to work with the William Temple Foundation.  He first worked there  alongside David Jenkins, latterly became its Director, and remained closely involved there for the rest of his life. From the 1980s to retirement he was Canon Theologian at Manchester Cathedral. His books include ‘Christianity and the Market’, ‘Transfiguring Capitalism’ and ‘Challenging Religious Studies: The Wealth, Wellbeing and Inequalities of Nations’. He was editor of the social ethics journal ‘Crucible’.

Police Chaplain affirms that God is here

Revd Jo Whitehead, Lead Police Chaplain to Derbyshire Police says that she is known as the ‘Minister of Cups of Tea’. Today she is featured in the ‘CofE’ Twitter feed.

The Derby Telegraph described some of her work in 2012:

“When an officer comes in off a long shift, I try to make a point of bringing them a cup of tea and a biscuit and you won’t believe how such a small thing can have such an effect on them.

“My role is about being there for them, showing them that they are valued.

“The first Christmas, I went to the police station straight after midnight Mass and again the following morning after the Christmas service. It is about showing those people how much the work they are doing is appreciated.”

Mrs Whitehead said she had yet to see an officer break down in tears in front of her but some had asked for confidential one-to-one meetings where they could discuss whatever aspects of their job – or life – they wished to.

“But an officer came to see me confidentially one time to speak about a suicide he had attended that day and to talk about how he felt it had affected him.”

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