South Yorkshire Chaplaincy and Listening Service

A new combined chaplaincy and listening service for businesses across the South Yorkshire region has been launched.

South Yorkshire Chaplaincy and Listening Services, will build on the existing services of the Sheffield Sports Chaplaincy and Sheffield Listening Services, led by Revd Baz and Linda Gascoyne. It will offer support to everyone in the workplace, irrespective of their faith.

The new service has been conceived by Sheffield Forgemasters’ former director, Peter Birtles and current Forgemasters’chairman, Tony Pedder. It will also initially incorporate the chaplaincy services for South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue and a listening service started at Greystones Medical Centre.

The Chaplaincy and Listening Service will fill a gap created by the demise of the South Yorkshire Workplace Chaplaincy last year. Chairman Tony Pedder said: “The South Yorkshire Workplace Chaplaincy has been a strong feature of life in the Sheffield steelworks during my time at Sheffield Forgemasters and indeed in my previous roles at British Steel and Corus. Its demise was a loss at a time when the industry continues to face an uncertain future. Hence, I view its replacement by a new service as a very welcome development.” 

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