Team membership 2019

If you are a member of a chaplaincy team, or connected to a team in some way, it will almost certainly be cheaper to join WCM UK as a team. Rates are calculated on a sliding scale – the more members your team signs up, the cheaper it becomes per member.

Team subscriptions are based on a banded scale, where a team pays a flat rate if their size falls within a certain range of members. This year WCM UK is introducing, alongside Full Team Membership, an Affiliated Team rate which has fewer benefits and does not include insurance cover. The Affiliated Team rate is 20% off regular rates.

Full details of subscription bands and the different benefits of full or affiliated team membership are included in the downloadable Team Membership Form.

To comply with Data Protection rules WCM UK needs the consent of those a team enrols to our keeping and using their personal data. For those opting for Full Team Membership it is necessary that each person signs a Data Privacy Consent Form. Teams should circulate, collect and return these with the Membership Form. WCM UK needs this information to keep in touch with members and so that all team members can be included in the WCM UK insurance cover.

Affiliated Teams do not submit separate personal data, and so Data Privacy Consent Forms are not required. WCM UK will communicate only with the team’s nominated Key Contact who is asked to pass on to the team’s members information about WCM UK, its conferences and other events, and chaplaincy news.

If you have further questions or need guidance, and the answer is not covered in the notes to the Team Membership Form, please contact Dick at:
by post at 124 Lyttleton Avenue, BROMSGROVE, B60 3LB
or by phone at 07946 655450 or 01905 621780