Team membership 2018

If you are a member of a team, or affiliated to a team in some way, it will almost certainly be cheaper to join WCM UK as a team. Rates are calculated on a sliding scale – the more members your team signs up, the cheaper it becomes per member.

Cost/member (£)
For the first 3 members                                £15
For the next 7 members (4 – 10)                £7
For the next 20 members (11 – 30)          £5
For the next 30 members (31 – 60)          £4
For the next 40 members (61 – 100)     free
For each member above 100                       £3

Teams can sign up anyone associated with their team en bloc. The definition of a team, and who qualifies as a team member, is deliberately as broad as possible; in order to encourage as wide a range of interested people to join. They might be chaplains (paid or voluntary), trustees, ‘friends of’, retired chaplains, supporters, or even supporting churches. The sliding scale means teams of more than 60 members will find the team’s annual cost of membership to be capped at £314 – with this rising slightly for the very largest teams with over 100 members.

If you are a team leader, administrator or other team officer please download the Team Membership Form WCM UK Team form 2018 WCM UK Team form 2018 and complete a separate row for each member. Instructions are included on the worksheet. Save this and send as an attachment to the Membership Secretary, Dick Johnson at

The form is an Excel file. If you cannot process this, have further questions or need guidance please contact Dick at:
by post at 124 Lyttleton Avenue, BROMSGROVE, B60 3LB
or by phone at 07946 655450 or 01527 579725