How to access the full course

The Introduction to Workplace Chaplaincy course is not available to download direct from our website. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Although the course is designed in to be flexible we would like to discuss with you your particular needs for training.
  2. Perhaps you are an individual looking for training. The material is best used in a group. We may be able to help you connect with others in your area who want to do the course.
  3. Not all the course materials are easily downloadable. We need to send you a Course Pack.
  4. There is a cost involved in producing and maintaining this resource. Though no set fee is involved we hope those using the material will provide a donation to WCM UK and we would like to discuss this with you.

For all these reasons, we ask that, in the first place, you contact us with your enquiry about training, if you are interested in using the course material. We can then answer any further queries you have and decide together with you the best way to proceed.

Please email Dick Johnson at or phone Dick on 01527 61936.