Your Business and Chaplaincy

Chaplains are welcomed into Workplaces all over the country.

They are found in shops, industrial complexes, leisure centres, construction sites, social enterprises, transport businesses, local authorities, emergency services, street markets.. to name a selection of places! They are welcomed by managers, staff, unions, shareholders and directors.

Contact us! to find out:

  • how your business could benefit from Chaplaincy
  • how to set up a Chaplaincy for your business

CIPD and ACAS highlight current HR workplace issues:

  • managing staff conflict
  • promoting employee voice
  • responding to work/life balance questions
  • improving productivity

Chaplaincy can help in these areas.

Chaplains add value within businesses and organisations:

  • they help staff to feel a greater sense of wholeness and identity at work, which leads to greater engagement and improved productivity.
  • by their independence and confidentiality, they can help bring a fresh perspective, and a safe space for personal expression, in times of stress and change.
  • they can model a positive way of behaving in times of crisis or tragedy.
  • by brining people together in celebration, commemoration or study, they foster a sense of community in the workplace, increasing staff satisfaction and retention.
  • with their religious expertise, they can advise on religious matters in the workplace  in the light of obligations under the Equality Act 2010 (eg re Prayer Rooms, Diet, Religious Observance) and connect the workplace with the community around.

Chaplaincy addresses the growing understanding within society that all life has a moral and spiritual dimension, however that is expressed. The benefit of this to businesses and enterprises has been evidenced through reduced absenteeism, improved workplace relations and increased productivity.

Chaplaincy is sometimes provided gratis, by volunteers; sometimes under a Service Level Agreement; sometimes by mutual arrangement.

Find an existing Chaplaincy Team close to your location to find out chaplaincy for your organisation, or Contact us!