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21st July 2022

NEXT WCM UK Mini-Conference

Good Business: chaplaincy and issues of tax, business ethics and economy

Monday 3rd October, 7:00pm-8:30pm
ONLINE via Zoom

NEXT Introduction to Workplace Chaplaincy Course

A new 5-week course starts Tuesday 25th October, 7:00pm – 8:30pm.  This will be held ONLINE via Zoom.

WCM UK is a national network of workplace chaplains and others engaged in connecting faith, work and the economy. 

We are run by our members and keep in touch with one another, produce training resources and run conferences and events to promote learning and the development of the Church’s mission in the economy. We seek to raise the profile of Workplace Mission and chaplaincy and advocate for a more just, equitable and sustainable economy.

Membership is available to individuals as well as regional and local chaplaincy teams.
We are a registered charity (number 1092245).

Members Resources

Use the RESOURCES menu at the top of the page to browse what is available.
We have training resources, sample policies, useful signposting & links, liturgy & prayer material and faith & work resources.

The TRAINING DIRECTORY enables the browsing of opportunities available from WCM UK Teams and third parties.


Losing your job and Redundancy

When a job is taken away it can cause us to lose our sense of identity, put us in financial difficulty and make us feel bereft. Redundancy produces a lot of emotions and worries. But we are still the same people we were: we have value.

Workplace chaplains are operating in range of economic sectors

How can a workplace chaplain help my organisation?