A workplace chaplain will listen, befriend and engage with individuals
and businesses.

Workplace Chaplaincy is the church in action in the economy, putting faith into action to support others and change the world, one conversation at a time.

Workplace chaplains visit people at work, in a great range of industries and workplaces. Chaplains are motivated by their faith in God who cares and wills all things be transformed and renewed by His love and life. By this simple ministry of presence chaplains seek to promote work practices which are fair, equitable, sustainable and give dignity to all. A chaplain questions, celebrates, encourages and cares for all they meet, whether or not they are people of faith. 

Most workplace chaplains are VOLUNTEERS who give a few hours a week, visiting a number of local workplaces regularly. Chaplains usually work in local teams, which are invariably ecumenical, with chaplains drawn from a range of churches. 

Within our network there are workplace chaplains operating in a number of local or regional teams. These include (but are not confined to):

Churches Industrial Group Birmingham, (CIGB) – Birmingham & Solihull
Black Country Urban Industrial Mission, (BCUIM)
Faith at Work in Worcestershire, (FWW)
Chaplaincy for Banbury
Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy
Nottingham Workplace Chaplaincy
Canary Wharf Multi-faith Chaplaincy, London
Chandler’s Ford Chaplaincy
Swindon Commercial Chaplaincy, (SCC)
Wycombe Workplace Chaplaincy
Kent Workplace Mission
Northumbrian Industrial Mission, (NIM) 
One Step Closer Workplace Chaplaincy, Bracknell

Please contact us if you would like to get in touch with one of these teams.