Is workplace chaPliancy for you?

Taking God’s love and concern  into the world of work

Chaplains undertake this ministry in conjunction with their local workplace chaplaincy team, or supported by the church community to which they belong as part of its mission to the local community.

Chaplains are usually volunteers who give their time to show that God cares about everyday life in the workplace. 

retail chaplain

Are you being called to this ministry?

  •  Pray with a trusted Christian friend and discuss whether this is the path for you.
  • Explore and discover more about Workplace Chaplaincy.
  • Follow an introductory courses for new workplace chaplains – see more  HERE.
  • Find out if some workplace chaplaincy is already happening in your location or nearby. Make contact with the local team, if there is one and ask the team leader for more information. It may be possible to shadow an existing workplace chaplain. 
  • If there is no team actually operating in your area, make contact with a neighbouring team who may still be able to help you.
  • Maybe you would like to set up a new chaplaincy team and would like some help and advice. Again please do get in touch . 

retail chaplain