for Workplace Chaplaincy

We have been offering training for workplace chaplains for over 60 years, going back to the foundation of the Network under its original name, the Industrial Mission Association. WCM can advise on how to:

•            set up a Workplace Chaplaincy

•            organise a Chaplaincy Team

•            train volunteers for Chaplaincy see An Introduction to Workplace Chaplaincy Course

for General Chaplaincy

The Methodist Church: Chaplaincy Everywhere
Training Courses for General Chaplaincy: Chaplaincy Everywhere – available from Methodist Church Chaplaincies
including a short course from the Methodist Church for small groups interested in exploring voluntary chaplaincy within their community.

Overview of training to be a Chaplain:  

Baptist resources for ordained ministers: Follow this link for more information

Occupational training and CPD for Chaplains

Mental Health at Work England – offer a wide range of resources and links to training courses

Mental Health awareness and training including Stop Suicide Training – contact your local branch of MIND or browse nationwide virtual courses and training:

Mental Health at Work – online resources:

University Study into Chaplaincy practice

Several UK Universities offer accredited study into ‘Chaplaincy’:

St Padarn’s Institute (Cardiff): Postgraduate Chaplaincy Studies: In partnership with Durham University
Postgraduate Chaplaincy Studies – St Padarn’s Institute (

Newman University (Birmingham): Chaplaincy with Young People  

Anglia Ruskin University: (Cambridge, Peterborough, Chelmsford)

Cambridge Theological Federation:

Westcott House Cambridge: Church of England training and courses and wider Anglican Communion

The Woolf Institute combines teaching, scholarship, and outreach, focusing on Jews, Christians, and Muslims, to encourage tolerance and foster understanding between people of all beliefs. It offers a wide range of Courses, summer schools, lectures, and events

CYM (Children, Youth and Mission) Chaplaincy with Children and Young People (PG Cert/ PG Dip/ MA). A flexible postgraduate studies pathway ideal for those newly appointed into Chaplaincy roles, or those more established who are seeking to challenge and deepen their understanding and practice:

Certificate in Muslim Chaplaincy – Markfield Institute of Higher Education, Leicestershire Certificate in Muslim Chaplaincy | MIHE

Healthcare Chaplaincy

Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust: Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Chaplaincy and Postgraduate Certificate in Spiritual Care in Health

Another introductory course has been set up by the UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy (UKBHC) which is free of charge:  During the course of the training period (and indeed beyond this), a number of seminars, conferences and longer courses are offered each year, which are of general or specific interest to healthcare chaplains and which are part of Continuing Professional Development.

The College of Health Care Chaplains (and its largest special interest group, the mental health chaplains) hold annual study conferences of 2-3 days duration:

PG Certificate in Healthcare Chaplaincy – University of Glasgow
University of Glasgow – Postgraduate study – Taught degree programmes A‑Z – Healthcare Chaplaincy

MA/MSc in Spirituality, Theology & Health – Durham University
Centre for Spirituality, Theology & Health – Durham University

St Padarn’s Institute (Cardiff) – Beginning Chaplaincy (Healthcare)
Beginning Chaplaincy – St Padarn’s Institute ( A five day residential course for newly appointed chaplains.

St Padarn’s Institute (Cardiff) – Postgraduate Chaplaincy Studies: In partnership with Durham University Postgraduate Chaplaincy Studies – St Padarn’s Institute (