ACAS:   Advice on workplace and employment issues.

Agape Work Life Movement : Support to follow Jesus and make disciples in the workplace.

CHRISM: The National Association for all Christians who see their secular employment as their primary Christian ministry and for those who support that vision.

Faith in Business seeks to affirm the role of business in God’s purposes and explore the application of Christian faith and values in business.

God at Work: Ken Costa’s guide to living life ‘purposefully’

ICF – Faith on Monday Mornings: Resources and reflections for Christians at work.

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity : helping Christians to engage biblically with work and life issues

Methodist Chaplaincies – A suite of resources, training and information for all types of Chaplaincy (including Chaplaincy Everywhere course)

Police Chaplaincy Association : News and contacts for regional police chaplains.

Retail Chaplains Network :for anyone involved in offering Faith Based Chaplaincy services to those working in the Retail Sector

Sports Chaplaincy UK: a network of chaplains providing spiritual and pastoral care to professional and amateur sport

Theology of Work: Biblical commentary and analysis from a (American) workplace perspective

Theos Think Tank:  Theological thinking in the Public Sphere – including research into the engagement of Chaplaincy with society.

Transforming Work UK : Supporting Christian groups in workplaces to share the Gospel and transform their workplace.

Work Rest Pray: a blog and prayers connecting faith and daily work.