ACAS:   Advice on workplace and employment issues.

Agape Work Life Movement : Support to follow Jesus and make disciples in the workplace

CHRISM: The National Association for all Christians who see their secular employment as their primary Christian ministry and for those who support that vision

Everyday Faith – Church of England: Resources about where and how we encounter God as we go about our lives.

ICF – Faith on Monday Mornings: Resources and reflections for Christians at work.

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity : helping Christians to engage biblically with work and life issues

Methodist Chaplaincies – A suite of resources, training and information for all types of Chaplaincy (including Chaplaincy Everywhere course)

Police Chaplaincy Association : News and contacts for regional police chaplains

Sports Chaplaincy UK: a network of chaplains providing spiritual and pastoral care to professional and amateur sport

Theology of Work: Biblical commentary and analysis from a (American) workplace perspective

Theos Think Tank:  Theological thinking in the Public Sphere – including research into the engagement of Chaplaincy with society

Transforming Work UK : Supporting Christian groups in workplaces to share the Gospel and transform their workplace

Work Rest Pray: a blog and prayers connecting faith and daily work