How does our faith inspire and motivate us in the workplace and the job that we do?

All Christians are called live out their faith in their daily lives, including their workplaces. We believe all Christians have a vocation, which is not limited to teachers or the medical or caring professions, or even ministers or pastors. Our vocation is to follow Jesus Christ and serve and honour in all we do, whatever it is, builders, baristas, lawyers, bankers, street cleaners etc. While it is important for us to find opportunities to share our faith, it is more effective if it begins with actions before words.

 One of the questions often asked of Christians in the workplace is, “How does your faith influence your work?”

 If we are living out Christ’s kingdom values then our faith should influence for good our behaviour, our relationships (both as a team player, or as a manager), our decision making, our ethics and values, the quality of our work and even yes, our time keeping.

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